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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Department of Law provides the learners with outstanding legal capacity and aptitude through an interdisciplinary approach of knowledge. The Department offers courses on law, ethics, rights and duties, gender studies, and general education using a mixed method of teaching-learning strategy. The learners are expected to cope with the modern competitive world with their high quality and demonstrate their knowledge as well as accept the challenges. The Department engages students in co-curricular activities so that they can turn out to be conscious, creative, and critical thinkers and can implement their achieved knowledge in every sphere of life. Department of Law enriches the learners’ knowledge in research activities and facilities to practice intellectual activities in the making of a nation.


Our Vision

Department of Law aims at becoming the leading center for excellence in teaching, learning, and research disseminating knowledge through updated curricula and inculcating 21st-century skills into the graduates who will be able to contribute to sustainable development by promoting the rule of law, administration of justice, legal framework, State administrating system, and ethical responsibility from the guideline of core law books.


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