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Success Stories

Story 1

Liton Chandra Biswas, PhD Researcher, Turin University, Italy & Senior Lecturer, Department of Law, Independent University of Bangladesh.

Batch: 30B

My name is Liton Chandra Biswas. I had no intention to study law. I was forced to study law, because, my relatives were disappointed with my score in the HSC examination. However, it was my choice to study at the Stamford University, Bangladesh. 17 February 2006, if I can recall correctly, LLB 30B Batch – I started my journey with Stamford. I was not in love with law, hence I was not passionate to study the subject. However, I knew that my parents were spending for me for studying at a private university and it was at a time when studying at the private universities was not taken positively. Above all, it was my decision to study at Stamford. Therefore, I tried to utilize the resources the university could afford to provide me. I tried my best to attend all the classes, taking class notes, making own notes and following all the instructions of my honorable teachers to whom I will remain, always, indebted. During the whole period of studies, I missed classes of two weeks for my illness, and one instruction in an ideological ground. Stamford had limitations, and probably still have some, but that limitations never came to me as shocks, may be disappointing sometimes. Instead, the limitations, as now I understand, set the stage for me to develop the ability and the skills that I, probably, would not have developed in the favorable condition.

In 2010, the very year I completed my Bachelor studies with CGPA 3.90, I went to the University of Leicester to pursue LLM in International Commercial Law. I did not face any problem at all in studying at one of the highly ranked universities of the UK; the education, training, knowledge that the Stamford had provide me was sufficient. In 2011, I graduated from Leicester securing the Distinction the highest grade one can secure in the UK. I did not have any intention to settle abroad. Therefore, I came back to Bangladesh and join the Stamford as a lecturer. I thought, I should try my competence at another university other than the alma mater. On the next year I moved to Southeast University and the following year (2014) to Independent University Bangladesh where I am a Senior Lecturer now. However, at this moment I am on study leave to pursue my Doctoral studies at the University of Turin with full scholarship. Earlier, I had the opportunity to be nominated for Doctoral scholarships from the universities of New Zealand, Australia, and Macau. I was bit disappointed as I was not being able to enroll at any of those universities because of the than covid restrictions. However, now I feel more fortunate with my current PhD research, and research focus. My PhD research is on the philosophy of law, the most meaningful and the substantial task a student of law can pursue and accomplish.

I wish every success of my alma mater – Stamford University Bangladesh.

Story 2

Afrin Jessin Jenny, PhD Researcher, McMaster University, Canada & Assistant Professor, Department of Law, Stamford University of Bangladesh.

Batch: 29B

My name is Afrin Jessin Jenny. I am an assistant professor at the Department of Law, Stamford University Bangladesh. Currently I am doing PhD at McMaster University, Canada.  Earlier, I completed my Master of Laws (LL.M) in Human Rights from University of Hong Kong with full scholarship. However, I feel more comfortable and proud to be known as a “Stamfordian”, yes I completed a Bachelor of laws from Stamford University Bangladesh in 2009.

Honestly, Stamford University was playing the key role to accomplish my goal. Learning environment of the university gratified my curiosity and deepened my knowledge. My teachers are my ideal, who believed in my potential. They encouraged me to learn and cultivate my positive attitudes like being open minded, flexible, persistent, optimistic and audacious, which facilitated my success. I am really indebted to Stamford University Bangladesh for giving me a strong foundation to build my prestigious career.

Story 3

Ruksana Parvin, Assistant Judge,1st Class Magistrate, District and Sessions Court, Tangail.
Former Student of LL.B.40(A) Batch and LL.M.56 Batch.

Batch: 40A

Being Successful is the desire of all of us.As my Father is an Advocate l was highly inspired by him from my early childhood and it was my intended desire to be a Judge. To achieve that goal, it was a wise decision to be admitted in the Law Department of Stamford University Bangladesh.Among all the private universities in Bangladesh my father's first choice was Stamford University Bangladesh because of its quality of education, infrastructural facilities, brilliant remarkable faculty members, well planned curriculum. It is a University completely free from politics, militancy, and drugs with a beautiful campus to take a fresh breath and an enriched library which helped me most to touch my aim.I am really indebted to my honorable faculty members. I express my gratitude to Dr. Md. Salimullah Khan Sir, Dr. Mizanur Rahman Sir, Dr.Salena Akter Madam, Barrister Jahid Hossain Dolon Sir, Al- Imran Khan Sir, and all the Faculty members. Their valuable sessions and guidelines tracked me on the right path to achieve my goal and consequently, I qualified for the competitive Bangladesh Judicial Service exam securing the 20th merit position among the thousands of applicants. I had to compete here with all the law students from Public and Private universities. Stamford University has a great contribution to this success. I can utter my university name with boast and pride. I wish the name Stamford University Bangladesh will be inscribed in gold on the list of top-ranking universities in the world.

Story 4

Fahmida Pia, Judicial Magistrate, Gopalganj

Batch: 47D

Assalamualikum and good day to all.
I am Fahmida Pia, ex-student of Stamford University of 47 batch of L.L.B and 59 batch of L.L.M. I feel proud and honored to be a part of this glorious University. My all friends and respected teachers were very much caring and helpful. I love my campus and really miss those days as student.

At present I am working as a Judicial Magistrate of Bangladesh Judicial service. I joined Judicial service as an Assistant Judge on 28 January 2020. From then I met few of my colleges which are also ex-student of Stamford University. It really feels me proud. Judiciary is one of the most important organs of the State. May Allah give me the strength to serve my country. My opinion to dear brother and sister is that "Life is full of competition, in every moment, in every situation, in our every breath". I fell honored and privileged for the opportunity given to me. I am grateful to all my respected teachers of Stamford University. Good luck and wish you all the very best to dear brothers and sisters of my campus. I wish continuous and steady progress with fine reputation of my beloved University.

Story 5

Md. Abdus Sattar, Assistant Professor,Department of Law,Stamford University Bangladesh

Batch: 37A

I am Md. Abdus Sattar, student of 37th batch of Law department, at present working as Assistant Professor, Department of Law, Stamford University Bangladesh. I joined the law department of this university as a student in 2008 with lots of dreams to become someone who can contribute to society and to the State at large. As days passed away I became confident through the wisdom, knowledge, guidelines, affection, love and most importantly inspirations from the faculties of my department. It would be less if I forgot to mention the studious atmosphere of the campus. It’s the well-mannered, kind hearted and knowledgeable faculties who inspired me to become one of them.

After my post-graduation, when I was in a dilemma about my career, my teachers always helped me to choose the right one. I always found them by my side. I was fortunate enough to represent the university in different Moot Court competitions and in achieving good positions, I also represented the university in 12th Human Rights Summer School, 2011, with students from different states. Finally, I can say, I am endlessly thankful to Stamford University Bangladesh and to the department of Law for helping me to reach my goals and for giving me the respect to become a proud member of the Stamford Family.


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